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Rules Of Club Penguin World

No spamming, spamming is a pointless message with hardly, or no content. Most of the time spam looks like this:


Sometimes it is otherwise, but just be on the lookout, and make sure you stay on topic in threads, to prevent spamming, and if you see spam, report it to me, don't call it spam because that's not helping. Staff can handle users like this, and reacting that way isn't going to help.

Keep swearing to a minimum. The forum is meant for ages 13 and up, alot of users of the age 13 can handle swearing but to be on the safe side, try to avoid it. If you're going to swear directly towards a person as in calling names, or saying "go to **noban*stilbad*" and stuff, then don't bother posting it unless your calling me to ban you.

Post with Content, and proper grammar
Just lettin' you know I wont tolerate stupid 2 letter posts saying "ok" or "yeah". If you need to make a post like that, go do it somewhere else because here it is uneccessary, and a bannable offense. Also use proper grammar, using MSN/AIM speak is bad for forums, and causes nothing but 10 replies asking "What????".

So stay outta trouble and review your post before posting it publicly.

All posts under the new limit of 15 characters are to be deleted. Any posts after this was made, under 15 characters will be deleted, and I will warn you about it.


1 time - Warning (Don't do it again)
2 times - Warning 2 (LAST warning)
3 times - 1 day ban
More - 3 day ban (Increases a day each time)

So follow the rule, and respect it!

Post in the correct area
Please post things in the correct area, don't post "CP Newspapers out" in RuneScape, keep things to the right forum, because otherwise trouble will come, and it's really stupid to say "I thought this was the CP Forum" if you really did, I reccomend a new computer. Anyway keep things where they belong, it saves me a load of trouble moving them.

Multiple posts, topics.
Don't make multiple posts, or topics. Make sure you browse the forum before you post something to make sure it hasn't already been answered. Don't react to someone posting multiple posts acting like this "SEARCH THIS HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE!!!!!" it's not neccessary, just leave the thread alone, and report it.

No advertising
Don't advertise, the last thing we want is hundreds of people signing-up to advertise, I really don't want that. If I want to advertise your website, forums, whatever then I will post it. Otherwise I will give you a warning, and you'll most likely be outta here.

Keep things out of this forum, if they didn't happen here!
If you see something at a different forum, and somebody says "Oh ADMINISTRATOR sucks" or something, keep it there, I really don't care for it, and it causes hazzard. Please if it didn't happen here, it's not our problem.

No arguing
Pretty self-explanotory. Just try to respect other opinions, and avoid getting into fights, just walk away if someone starts teasing you, if you do that it makes you a better member, and them a low life banned loser. So avoid those, and don't start them.

Multiple accounts
Contact an admin for approval of a multiple account, otherwise don't make them, it's nothing but un-active accounts, or confusion because we wont know whos's who. So just stick with one account, or PM/Email me about an account name change, or new account.

Smiley overload
Don't use more then 5 smilies in a post, I hate having them all around, especially if it has nothing to do with the post such as:

"I like your idea "

Just don't.

No advertising yours, or another persons webpage, or forums.

Try not to double-post, Double-posting is posting twice in a row without a response of another user. Try not to do it, if you need to make a double-post, and you have a good reason for it. Go ahead, or wait at least a day before posting again in that thread.

Don't ask to be a mod. Or admin, it only lowers your chances of becoming one, don't suck up to them either. That just looks pathetic, to be a good member, and actually have a chance at becoming one, post normally, helpfully, and avoid breaking rules.

We will email you, or PM you if we think you're good for the job.
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