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PostSubject: 4 /l¯2t§*   4 /l¯2t§* Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 10:23 am

Glitches and other fun stuff

Hey guys! Here I’m gonna post all the cheats and glitches I know, and I’ll add any new glitches or cheats I find, but here are the few that I already know, and give my personal difficulty rating outta 5.

1st Flying Penguin-

1. put nothing but yur propeller cap on.
2. put up yur player card
3. take off the propeller cap (dont close your player card!)
4. dance!

Double Dancing:


1. Put on something with a special dance (for example, the maracas) and start dancing
2. click on your penguin and make the player card pop out
3. put something else on that has a special dance (like the Hard Hat, or, just a regular dance will work too (but if you do regular dance, than instead of double dancing, you should do a “Double Dance Snowball” which isn’t a really good name, but oh well)
4. DO NOT close your player card, instead, just drag it to the side so you can see your penguin, then, without closing the player card, start dancing again
5. You should start double dancing or double dance snowballing(depending on what you did on step 3)

This works on the regular screen and the big screen (, and should always work.

Multiple Dances:

Difficulty:1.3/5 (not too hard as long as you are old enough…read the below if you don’t get what I mean)

1. put on as many special dances you have at the same time as possible(special waves count too) and start dancing
2. take EVERYTHING off and then put on another special dance/regular dance (your choice)
3. drag the player card to the side, WITHOUT closing it
4. walk somewhere else, but make sure you can still see your penguin, and then press “D” on your keyboard
5. your penguin should be doing the amount of special dances/waves that you put on!(and for step 2 if you put on regular dance, than you will also get a “multi dance snowball” (for this glitch, you have to have 3+ special dances, or else it will be called a Double Dance[and the dances/waves are done by your own clothing, each special dance matching each proper clothing, and in the case of “multi dance snoballs” your clothing throws a snowball])

Works for big and regular screen, almost always works.
Walking through the Beacon Lightbulb:


1. go to the beacon
2. go to the southeast/SE/lower right corner of the lightbulb(I will call it a “L.B” from now on)
3. then walk to the northeast/NE/upper right corner of the “L.B”
4. then throw rapid snowballs (press “T” and left mouse click rapidly when your cursor is NOT in the chat bar) at the opposite side of where your penguin should be right now (the SW/southwest/lower left corner of the “L.B”)
5. press the +/= key on your keyboard and the screen should go blurry (couldn’t find a better way to describe it, but you’ll know it when you see it)
6. click on the snowballs from step 4
7. you should walk across the “L.B”!

This only works for the load.swf version (big screen), and it doesn’t always work; it takes big practice!
Getting Super Old:

Difficulty:0/5(I was tempted to give a negative, so this is really easy)

1. go to the clock across from the “start” button(not from club penguin, the clock is at the very bottom of the screen)
2. right click on it and a menu should pop out
3. choose the option “change date/time/month/year (I forgot the exact name for it)
4. change the time to the future (for something interesting set it to the past)
5. log on any account and it should be super old!

This works on both types of screens, and it should always work!

Arranging Other Peoples Furniture:


1. go to your igloo and click “edit room”
2. DO NOT close the edit room screen, instead go to the secret agent HQ (yes, you can only do this cheat if you are a secret agent)
3. from there, go to a members igloo
4. click and drag the furniture
5. have fun rearanging peoples furniture(now that you think of it, that’s not a very nice thing to do)!

This glitch works on both screens, and almost ALWAYS works.

Destroying Your Own Furniture Items(I don’t know who would be stupid enough to try):

Difficulty:0.3/5(easy, but destructive)

1. Go to your furniture storage
2. double click on any item on the first few rows
3. at first, it will stick to the wall(sort of) then, it will start to dissapear
4. unless you log off quick enough (it has to be very quick), that furniture item will be destroyed forever!

It works on both screens, and it always works.

How to get Over 100 Buddies:

Difficulty:5/5(the requirements are easy, but long, and not everyone might accept, and that will screw it up)

1. get 99 buddies
2. ask all the people you want to be your buddy(must be more than 1)
3. wait until they except(more than 1 must except)
4. you should have over 100 buddies!

It works on both screens, but sometimes people don’t accept and that screws up the plan…

Walking on the Lighthouse Walls:

Difficulty:4.2(you need pretty fast reflexes)

1. stand on/behind the cooler full of fish
2. click on the door and then quickly click on the stair railings
3. when you start walking on to the walls, click somewhere else on the wall and you should walk there, keep doing this and you will be able to walk anywhere on the lighthouse walls!

Both screens, mostly works.

Flashy Words:

Difficulty:-0.5/5(if you couldn’t do any other of my glitches, than this is the one for you!)

1. say green commander of green or I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX exactly the same way as I did and start walking
2. the stuff you said should start flashing (don’t do it too much, you could get a headache, I’m not kidding, it happened to me once!)

Note that they fixed half of this, now only other people can see it on the wide screen! But you can see it on the regular screen, and it always works as far as I know.

Nubbing(I don’t know why it’s called that):


1. first, you must be on onto this place doesn’t always work the first time)
2. then, as soon as you get into your starting room, press “F11″
3. click slightly (like about 3 millemetres-5 millemetres) away from the chat bar
4. you should start Nubbing(you will start walking into the chat bar)

Only works on load.swf,

Dancing, Walking, Sitting, or Talking with a Newspaper:

Difficulty:5/5(it’s hard at first, then it gets easier, and this cheat costs 10 bucks, so it’s not worth it[you’ll know why if you read the below])

1. Go on and sign in.
2. Resize the screen to the picture on the first post.
3. Drag someones player card right down and then drag the buddy list down
4. Open the newspaper and the player card should disapeer
5. Click some1 on your buddy list and press send mail
6. Send the mail and dance

Load.swf only, almost always works if done properly

Walking Out of the Ice Rink Door without going into the Snow Forts:


1. go to the ski mountain and walk to the 2 player sled race(the bunnyhill,the first one from the right), before you get there, press the map
2. when it asks you,”would you like to play?” click,”yes” and wait till’ the game starts
3. when the game starts, and you start moving, go to the ice rink
4. walk to the middle of the ice rink
5. walk up above the ice rink(not in the bleachers)
6. just when you are about to walk out the door, hold the “tab”button and you will walk out of the door without going into the Snow Forts!

Both screens, almost always works.

Flashy Yellow Squares on the Room Loading Screen:

Difficulty:1.2/5(not too hard as long as long as you don’t have a really fast computer)

1. enter any room in Club Penguin
2. just before you get the “Connecting to Room”screen, hold down the “tab”button
3. you should see flashy yellow squares on the screen!

Both screens, always works

Walking on Walls:


1. go to the Ski Mountain and walk to the 2 player sled race game (bunnyhill,the first one from the right), and before you get there, click on the map
2. when it asks you, “would you like to play”, click, “yes”, and when the game starts, and you start moving, go to the dojo(one of the mountain tips in the backround, NOT the Ski Mountain), and as soon as you get there, press,”W” and you will walk up the walls
3. click back on the Dojo floors, and you will walk downwards in that direction, press W again to walk back up, repeat these steps quickly, clicking on different places on the floor every time, and you will walk around the Dojo!(This also works in any other place In Club Penguin)
4. you can also do this cheat like this: start walking into a room, and just when you are about to enter, press and hold “W” and you will walk on walls(this version doesn’t work in the following rooms: Dojo, and Iceburg)

Only works on load.swf,

Standing on Top of Penguins:

Difficulty:-2/5 (this is one of those things that are so easy they are hard, you know what I mean?)

1. hold down the “tab” button
2. click on the person that you want to stand on (top of)
3. if you can’t walk there, try clicking on their name

Both screens, always works, but pointless, and you can’t always tell a difference…
Making Start Game Animations Re-Animate Themselves Rapidly:


1. Make a start game animation start animating (a start game animation is an animation that happens when you hold your mouse over a place where you walk to to start a game, for example the Cart Surfer start game animation is another cart rolling into the cave)
2. while it is still animating, hold down the “tab” button
3. the start game animation should start re-animating themselves rapidly!

Both, always works.

How to use Standard Chat Mode on a Ultimate Safe Chat Server:


1. go on a Ultimate Safe Chat Server, and click on the “Edit Account” button in the menu bar
2. you should see a tick inside a box with words beside it saying, “Ultimate Safe Mode”
3. click on the tick in the box and a loading screen should pop up
4. after loading, the tick should be gone
5. go to your igloo
6. you should be able to use Standard Chat Mode!

Both, always works.

Walking on the Water in the Dock:


1. go below the tubes in the Dock
2. click on the very edge of the boat
3. click in the water at the end of the boat
4. your penguin should walk straight into the dock and through, into the water!

Both, almost always works.

Making All the Old News in the Boiler Room Stick out at the Same Time:

Difficulty:3.6/5(you need a pretty still hand)

1. go to the Boiler Room (click on the right speaker beside the DJ and you will go there) and click on the “Old News” button
2. click and pretend to drag the oldest news forward, and it should stay up (this might not work the first time)
3. do it with the rest of the news
4. they should all stick out at the same time without going back down (unless you wave your mouse over it and ruin it)

Both, always works.

Setting the Find Four Game in “Auto Pilot Mode”:

Difficulty:3/5(doesn’t always work anymore)

1. when the game starts, click on every place you want 1 of you chips to be (multiple click for more chips)
2. after your opponent’s turn every time, your chips will go in the place you clicked on it to be (not a great way to win a game), this glitch barely ever works, and if it does, it only works on the one in the lodge attic(the very right hand corner one)

Both, almost never works.

Walking away from the Mancala or Find Four Game While Still Playing It:


1. go to the rooms with Mancala or Find Four in it
2. walk over to one of them
3. when it asks you, “would you like to play?”, click “Yes” rapidly and you will walk away from the game while still playing it!

Both, always works.

Feeding Your Puffles Wherever, and Whenever you want(this cheat only works if you have a puffle):


1. go to your igloo and start walking to your door
2. when you are almost there, click on any of your puffles
3. click on the place you want to go
4. your puffle card should still be there, therefore, you can do anything you want with it (except walk it) and people in your igloo will think something went wrong or some thing!

Both screens, but doesn’t always work.

Reading the News While Sled Racing (how convenient! You can earn money and read the news at the same time):


1. start walking to any sled racing game
2. before it asks you “would you like to play” click on the newspaper icon
3. when it asks you, click “Yes”
4. when the game starts, you should be reading the news while sledding! (you cannot see yourself doing this, but you can see the news, so there’s your proof)

Both, almost always works.

Sinking Below the Starting or Ending Pad in The Jet Pack Adventure:

Difficulty:0/5(as long as you’re patient enough)

1. Start a game of Jet Pack Adventure
2. Just hover above any landing pad until you run out of gas, the you should start falling down automatically
3. when you reach the landing pad, instead of just blowing up, you start to sink, and then eventually you will blow up
4. that is what sinking below the pad is!

Both, always wor‰
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PostSubject: Re: 4 /l¯2t§*   4 /l¯2t§* Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 10:25 am

Wow, great post, I'll have to try some of them. Very Happy

Louis, The One And Only.

Email Or PM Me If You Need Any Help
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Ok whats with the name of your thread?
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PostSubject: Re: 4 /l¯2t§*   4 /l¯2t§* Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 8:54 pm

Wow, great guide you got there Stannerslee.


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PostSubject: Re: 4 /l¯2t§*   4 /l¯2t§* Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 1:41 am

WOW Shocked to bad cp fixed them all Sad
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